If you can’t get in the water, watch someone who can. Seeing these underwater images brought instant heat relief! My son Jesse finally caught his apartment pool empty last week and headed down with his Go Pro. “Empty” is mandatory since great shots mean no ripples allowed!

Go-Pro-underwater-images-laughsHe mounted the camera on the ladder about 4” down and captured images fit for National Geographic! At some point Jesse turned scientist and started moving the cam around — experimenting. The adventurer in him wanted to see what would happen from every different angle. Hmm, what if I put it here? At first I couldn’t figure out what he’d done to get such images, but I didn’t know that the under-surface of the water is reflective and shows a mirror image of whatever’s below. Aha, a prism effect and visual feast. The bonus was the laughs and watching my grown son freely playing like he was 10.

Just watching water-play, with all those dancing bubbles, cooled me off. I was a swimmer and have a vivid imagination! Besides the great photography, knowing what a great time he was having in a pool all to himself made me smile, continuously. These Go Pro images are a feast for this water lover’s eyes.

I’ve always loved the water and remember clearly the day my older sister took me swimming in a friend’s pool. She was babysitting and took her job seriously. I was 8. I knew the deep end was mysteriously forbidden, but I walked over for the first time and started down the ladder, ignoring her commands to stop. I lowered myself in, pushed off, and backstroked the length of the pool. “Wow, that was easy,” I thought. I didn’t care it was deep. I knew I could swim.

When I made it to the shallow end — and didn’t die — my sister ran for the phone to report me to mom. Consequences, if any, are gone from my head by now, but I suspect Dad was proud of me. Secretly, of course. Mom was afraid of the water and was forever beckoning me in to the shore, so… “Sorry I scared you, Mom.” By the way, I eventually went on as a teen to complete in backstroke on the school team, with some synchronized swimming thrown in.

Go-Pro-underwater-images-laughsMy dad was a power swimmer and taught me early how to do the breast stoke and float motionless on my back. Alternating these two is the way to save yourself when you’re too tired to make it back to shore. His swimming stomping ground had been Half Moon Bay in San Francisco, where rip tides can quietly carry you beyond your capabilities.

I don’t get to swim much anymore, but just looking at the water satisfies to a certain extent. Who wouldn’t feel like jumping in as they watch someone, from below, diving and re-diving? Looking at loungers on a tropical beach is nice, but seeing the action of underwater bubbles has me heading for my bathing suit.

Having a whole pool to yourself sure does beat wedging your adult body into a tiny kiddie pool. My previous blog post shows a desperate me in the backyard! Thank you for the _______ adventure, son. I believe “vicarious” is the word I’m looking for.


The day Jesse walked on sun!