If you’re alive you’ve experienced loss. Most major changes in life carry with them a loss… basically, of the way things used to be. Besides our loved ones, there are lots of things we develop a deep attachment to over the years  — our health, independence, a great job or house, a meaningful relationship, a pet or a dream. I’d like to once again give you the opportunity to contribute information to my current writing project, a book about what helped people get through their grief. If you’ve lived through a major loss in the past, tell me specifically what helped you the most in getting back on track. You’ll be helping others cope better because I’ll be using these ideas in my book. And, if you know someone who has been through some kind of “change” lately — life altering, heart wrenching, or a temporary blip — think about how you could brighten their day; they could probably use a little relief from their grief.