A contest. Oh, boy! I’ve entered many a competition, raffle, and door prize over the years, and am excited now to offer my own. Just tell me what you think for a chance to win a copy of my recently released book, Emerging from the Heartache of Loss. Simply say, in as few words as you’d like (3 words count), any advice you might have for someone who is experiencing a significant loss. Maybe you have some Pearls of Wisdom to pass on? Maybe what helped you or what you would imagine would help others? A free book in exchange for a few words from your heart.
Loss is a life experience that we all have in common; there’s really no way around it. And we all have to cope with it in our own way. Most major changes in life carry with them a loss… of the way it used to be… of the person we used to have in our lives. Eventually, we all have to adjust when loved ones die, dreams disappear, health turns sour, or relationships change. We lose moms, dads, children, husbands, wives, siblings, grandparents… our soldiers… our unborn. We lose pets, jobs, our nest eggs, and sometimes even our sanity. The volume of pain is stunning, which is why I wrote this book in the first place.
The list of ways people help themselves through the grieving process is long, but three things are clear: seek comfort, cry often, and wait. Most important of all, be kind to yourself.
Emerging from the Heartache of Loss offers help in finding a way back from the paralyzing sadness of loss. It’s full of wisdom and comfort, offering practical and sometimes surprising suggestions on ways to move forward. This heartfelt resource is for anyone facing major loss, through death of a loved one, or from any one of life’s many curveballs. An uplifting read and terrific gift an a friend struggling with grief.
We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts and gifting to someone a copy of my book. Just leave your entry as a “comment” at the bottom of this blog post.