A neighbor asked me this morning if this was my old Uncle Earl? Thank you, Joe, for starting my day off with laugh.
I’m very lucky to married to a guy who laughs a lot. Bill still likes to celebrate Halloween with weirdness, and this little gem was perfect for our ratty front lawn. Even though we live in a neighborhood with very few children, he’s still faithful to making them happy with a treat or two. (I suspect it’s because he loves those leftovers, though, but I might be wrong!! nah.)
I deeply appreciate people with a sense of humor because the busyness that has turned into my lifestyle is threatening to choke the playfulness right out of me. I’m scared of curmudgeonism. It creeps up so gradually you don’t even realize you’re taking life, and yourself, too seriously.
Dressing up in costume isn’t for everyone, but having fun is. Halloween is my perfect reminder to start having more fun and relaxation. And probably the only way to make sure it happens is to put F-U-N on the calendar… in ink.
Retrieve your child… Ignite your passion… Laugh. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!