“Look me up in the Yellow Pages… under Fool” is what we say around here  to admit our mistakes. The first time my husband said this, we laughed our silly heads off. And over the umpteen years of marriage, this simple phrase has nipped many a conflict in the bud. The internet has since replaced the Yellow Pages as a resource, of course, but “Search for me on Google.. under Fool” just doesn’t have the same ring. Maybe just “Google Fool” would do.
Admitting you’re wrong is hard sometimes, so if the actual words “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry” get stuck in your throat, using humor to confess  stupid decisions gets them unstuck.
I appreciate this 1st day of April. Sometimes I need this built-in reminder to lighten up and start the day by contemplating where my serious bone might be outpacing my funny bone. This annual check-in allows for a reset. Then I turn to Facebook, where there’s always something that gets me laughing out loud. Starting the day off like this jumpstarts funny bones and influences how you see the day in front of you. I swear.
Since it’s so beneficial to health, humor is the ideal stress manager.  Physically, it works the body and boosts the immune system. Cardiovascular systems dilate, reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Natural painkillers — endorphins — increase with a good belly laugh while diaphragm, abs and all nearby innards get massaged. Emotionally, humor is a distraction that can switch your focus to a more positive perspective. And socially, laughter connects us with others; it’s contagious after all.
For the sake of sanity, humor is worth some “serious” contemplation. It helps you deal, period.
***Cashration:) the act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent.