Where did the April fun go? No one I’ve met in a very long time even blinks as April 1 passes, and I miss that celebration of laughter. This little print on my bathroom wall is my own constant reminder to lighten up. Not a self-portrait, by the way, but a piece of art by Susan Mrosek, whose quirky imagination and skill depicts life in a very real way through greeting cards and posters.
It worries me that I can go days seeing only serious, intense faces. In cars, in stores, just walking down the street. It’s not that I’m grinning and giggly all the time, but I do notice how serious everyone is. Life can be hard, but humor can take the edge off.
I remember a joke played on me many years ago. We got up on one April 1st Saturday morning and saw something stuck in the middle of our front lawn. Couldn’t figure out what on earth it was so we went out to see. As if on cue, there was my neighbor, Margarit, standing in her front yard laughing her head off. She had planted a House For Sale sign on our grass after dark the night before. She was Swiss and explained that April Fool’s Day was celebrated big time there. Even their newspaper ran bogus headlines and stories on April 1. Now there was a country with a sense of humor.
I vote for celebrating April 1 next week by getting a little foolish. I miss it. I need it.
What’s the best joke anyone has ever played on you?