I detected a little hop in my step this morning — my mood was optimistic and energetic. Guess what? I slept 8 hours last night. Since this cheery outlook is sometimes just a visitor, I decided to test my theory for a month, recording my mood every morning. Surprise, surprise. They pretty much depended on the sleep I got the night before. Getting a better night’s sleep is more important than you think; experts say fatigue is epidemic… with most of us going through our days chronically sleep deprived. We’re so used to feeling less alert that we don’t even notice how exhausted we are any more. Try to make an effort, either by going to bed earlier or fixing up your bedroom — AND your nighttime habits — to make sure you actually sleep when you’re in bed. This seems like a do-able remedy if we want to start enjoying our lives more. Of course, going to bed earlier might mean having to plan less to do in your day, but it’s worth it. Slowing down is always worth it. And, as always… I recommend a hot bath to relax body and mind before sliding into bed.