A stronger you begins with your back, and I’m a walking testament. My back has saved my butt many times. I slipped and flipped backwards once onto the dance floor, landing with such force that I was sure the ER was next. The thud was scary and stunned me senseless for a moment. Miracle of miracles, I could move. Bruised and sore, but back on the dance floor the next week. I’ve also tumbled off that last step of stairs several times with nary an ache, and know that I owe all these saves to a strong back.
When I started strengthening my back years ago, I had no idea what a difference it would make. I was just following the advice of a chiropractor I was seeing at the time for a painful shoulder. Slowly adding exercises for abdomen and butt meant my core got pretty sturdy over the next few months. Then I noticed a really big perk, a stronger core meant better posture. As my back got stronger, the straighter I stood. Most surprising was to discover that moving through the world got easier in every way.
The internet is full of exercise advice so you can pick the ones that suit you. The ones that you’ll actually DO. My favorite takes one minute. Add in some stretching first and you can make a difference in a mere five minutes. And who doesn’t have 5 minutes? It’s called The Plank in yoga for good reason. Assume a push-up position, from elbows instead of hands, and make your body flat as a plank. Hold it. You have to start small — 10 seconds might be hard at first — but gradually work up to one minute.
A better back snowballs, and if you start with five minutes you’re more likely to keep it up. That’s the important part. Motivation to continue is high because it feels good to feel good. As you notice, and enjoy, being stronger, you add stuff to your routine which gets you even stronger. That tiny exercise routine might could be a little wedge that’ll kickstart a better life. I got more out of my walking because it was less of an effort, so I could go faster.
A fitter body is an important part of managing the stress we all cope with every day. I’m sure you’ve seen people whose curved over backs literally look like they have the weight of the world on them. A stronger back is better able to carry the weight of your world.