“I’d get up around four in the morning and cover upward of two hundred miles a day between traveling to and from Peach Springs and picking up and dropping off the kids at different stops all over the district. I’d teach the whole bunch myself, take them all home, return to school and do the janitoring, then back to the ranch.”

Wow, and I skipped my walk today because I didn’t want to get my shoes wet!

This quote is from the book Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. I laughed when my husband passed on his latest read because I’d never before picked up a book with the word “Horses” in the title. But he was right, I couldn’t put it down.

The author tells an amazing story of moxey, her grandmother’s life growing up on a ranch in the early 1900’s. She broke horses, herded cattle, learned to drive a car, flew an airplane, and lived through tornadoes, droughts, floods and the great Depression. She was tough as nails. Lordy, she taught school at 15 and rode her horse through the desert for 500 miles – BY HERSELF – to even get to the job. It took her four weeks. My mind was officially boggled… but also inspired.

In terms of 2016, that life seems unimaginable, but her dogged determination is what really got to me. When Lily wanted something, nothing could stop her. I can’t remember ever wanting anything badly enough to go through hell to get it. Although, I was determined to get my first book published and waited out 19 rejections until the “call” that had me weeping with relief. But I doubt lifting fingers counted as work in those days.

Better Health Depends on Moving More

While I don’t aspire to break a horse or build a house, my health is at the top of the priority list. And good health depends on keeping all those synapses firing and my body active. Not like yesterday, mind you, when I skipped my only chance for exercise. I blame these relapses on my snug little house, which occasionally holds me fast. On cold, rainy mornings, I sometimes think, “Tomorrow I’ll walk twice as far to make it up.” But when tomorrow comes, my bargain with the devil is forgotten. Ha

Carol driving tractor

Me getting ready to roll. 3-2-1-ACTION!

As I lived through Lily’s wild adventures in this book, I got to wondering about my own endurance. Was I really a wimp or did I have hidden capabilities just waiting to be discovered? The only way to find out is to get my butt in gear, starting with spending less time sitting on it. Turn off the TV, stop with the computer games, and get my face out of facebook!

To that end, I’m headed across the street with my rake. I can see out the window that autumn leaves have formed a massive holder blanket covering my neighbor’s yard. They both work so imagine their delight tonight when they discover the leaf fairly paid a visit today.

SECRET: Parking at the far edge of the parking lot when you shop sneaks in walking that you don’t have to plan extra time for.