FLU SHOTS HERE. This sign posted outside the drugstore reminded me of the season ahead. Today I shall be practical and play it forward with two very basic life tweaks: more rest, cleaner hands. You might think “Tell us something we don’t already know. Tell us something important.” but knowing doesn’t always translate into doing. The very fact that sleeping and washing are no-brainers means they probably get pushed aside. Besides, the name of my blog is LifeTweaks. Tweaking life bit by bit to make it better is what I do.
Colds and flus are, of course, minor inconveniences in the larger scheme of things, but it’s usually the little things that are the most aggravating. Especially when they’re added to the inevitable stress of this particular month, the holiday season.
Clean hands + plenty of sleep is a simple pair that helps combat the nasties. Sounds simple, but not really. A good night’s sleep in rarer than you might think, and washing hands more often is a habit that takes some time to settle in. By now I’m used to heading to the sink when I come home from the “public”, whether it’s from working, Waltzing, shopping, volunteering, or whatever shapes my days. Making an effort to avoid those bugs was very important because, you see, I don’t just get the sniffles…
When bronchitis reared it’s ugly head last year — and the year before that and the year before that — I asked the doc how to best take care of my immune system. Her answer was quick, “Sleep. That’s when your body repairs itself.” I took that advice to heart and notice how much shorter my ills are when taking it slow and easy for a couple of days. It seemed like a luxury at first — who has time to lay around when it’s only sneezing, snorting and sniffling — but eventual experimentation made me a believer. Co-workers, friends, and dance partners are always grateful when you keep germs to yourself.
You wouldn’t think we’d need to be reminded of such simple basic things, but simple is not always so easy in a full and distracted life. It’s why you need people like me, who publicly — and pleasantly, I might add — nag you into submission. Reminders are helpful.
Sleep more. Wash hands often. But not at the same time.