I love changing my mind. It usually means a new point of view has filtered in. New information means new decisions, and it’s fun to discover you “never thought of it that way before.”
This weekend is the Super Bowl, and I’m about to embrace what I’ve pretty much shunned all my life. My plan is to, instead, focus on the relief and release that the game provides to millions people who lead very stressful lives. And who knows, there may even be another Janet Jackson half-time “malfunction”. The contagious, over-the-top enthusiasm seen in the grandstands will be a welcomed distraction from recent tragedies and the contention of politics. Honestly, do the “children” in Washington D.C. ever get tired of fighting over their toys? “It’s mine.” “No, it’s mine.” “Is not.” “Is so.” and on and on and on. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart.
My interest in football has been tickled lately because the Seattle Seahawks have made it. I lived in the Seattle area until five months ago and you dared not go to town when a home game was scheduled. Also, I now live in a university town where college football rules, and I feel practically obligated to start joining in. Resistance, it seems, is futile.
The upside to Super Bowl Sunday, if you’re not a fan, is to take advantage of the empty aisles in stores while fans are at home munching their way through the game.
Admittedly, my daughter’s entertaining recount of her first ice hockey game last week has been instrumental in changing my mind. Because I’m not a sports fan, I’d always discounted this sport as boys on skates with big sticks — the better to hit each other with. Apparently, this particular game was the team’s annual fundraiser. Avid fans bring stuffed animals and at the first goal, heave them onto the ice from the stands. It literally rains teddy bears as thousands of stuffed animals cascade onto ice. Can you just imagine? This very fun YouTube footage gives you the full effect. What a delightful idea.
My anti-sports bias is starting to crack as I begin to view this world from a different perspective. Oh, how I love to change my mind!