Potlucks are the death of me. Really, can a sane person NOT hang out longer than is polite when the table’s filled with an irresistible array of temptations? I’m reminded often lately how hard it is to resist food that is staring up at you. It takes resolve. It takes major commitment. It takes moving health and well-being to the top of your priority list, and that’s tough when your life is brimming with busyness. This is probably true wherever you live, as long as food is abundant. But I think it helps a lot to have a reminder occasionally. That’s why you have me. Personally, I get nuts when my weakness – Doritos – is in the kitchen. I can’t stop, sometimes resorting to a spoon for end-of-bag crumbs. However, I seldom think about chips unless I can see them, so the solution seems logical – don’t buy them in the first place. Easy to say. This technique only works if you religiously stick to your list, don’t shop on an empty stomach, and avoid THAT aisle (whichever one is YOUR personal weakness) like the plague. Consider getting the food outta your face, saving your favorites for special occasions only. So… grit your teeth, grip your list, and enter your local kingdom of calories.