Sad to say, but true. I don’t get as much kissing as I used to. Living together for many years does take its kissing toll. Priorities are continuously shifting through the years and, besides, you just get used to each other after a while. We don’t all have someone in our lives we can kiss, but for those who do…
Welcome to my PG-rated version of Kissing 101. LifeTweaks has always been about easy ways to improve your life… and kissing’s pretty easy. The act of kissing may be easy, but it’s the opportunity to kiss that’s the problem. We’re all in a different kissing circumstance, but for those who are dating, married, partnered or promised, the opportunity is at hand. If not, eager doggie licks will have to do for now. ha.
First of all, kissing trivia: 80% of people angle their heads to the right when they’re zoning in. I always knew that kissing was fun — and sometimes the gateway to something else — but a lot more happens inside bodies than I thought, when we aim our lips at each other. Nerve endings jiggle, chemicals release, and electricity starts bouncing all over the place. All this… with a kiss.
Lips are much more sensitive than fingertips and our most exposed erogenous zone. All those sensitive nerve endings means even a light brush can set brains in motion as electric impulses start to bounce between the brain, lips, tongue and skin. The sensory information exchanged through taste, smell, and touch can prompt dopamine, the neurotransmitter of pleasure and reward. Maybe even a natural high because of chemicals released. Adrenal glands pump adrenaline, jumpstarting a pounding heart, heavy breathing or sweaty palms.
I quick peck uses a couple of muscles, but kissing passionately engages 24 facial muscles. Blood vessels dilate, pulse quickens and cheeks flush. Pupils widen and salivary glands start pumping overtime. It’s a lot.
No one needs prompting when they’re in a new relationship. They usually kiss every chance they get. But when relationships mature and that slows down, we start showing our love in other ways, sometimes forgetting the pleasure of that original connection.
If you reserve your kissing for the most passionate of moments only, consider this. Any kind of make-out can reduce stress and tension, and increase happiness. Couples who kiss frequently are more likely to have long, satisfying relationships. Sometimes the tiniest of lip brushes at the right moment sets my body’s kissing machine into motion.


When lips meet lips, watch out!