Balloon lifts off from charging station! ha

Wake up, lazy brain! Is anyone in there? My life, along with my brain, has slowed to a crawl so I’ve taken steps to kick my self in the butt! It might be a fanciful idea, but this kite is going to help my creativity take flight! That part of my brain is sorely sagging, so it’s worth a try. Anything’s worth a try. It sits on a prominent wall, prompting a smile from anyone who passes, mostly me, every single day.

There’s a sweet little kite shop in Newport, Oregon, The Kite Company. I’m always surprised by a feeling of excitement when I walk through the front door. Here is a world of vibrant color, fluttering and twirling with aisles of kites with long swirly tails, wind socks, banners, and weather vanes. Whirly gigs everywhere you look — a far cry from my life as I know it.

An idea came to me as I wandered the aisles of possibilities: why not hang a kite on the wall instead of flying it? It was a hard decision, but when I saw this hot air balloon I knew. Balloons have always given me joy — somebody somewhere is celebrating something! Maybe this will spark my creativity and get those juices flowing again. There’s nothing better than a new idea so it hangs in my creative space — the office — just waiting to sprinkle magic on me when I enter.


Me floating down to surprised homeowners!

The lure isn’t just about vibrant colors, it’s the idea of floating through the air. Heaven. I rode in a hot air balloon once and it was glorious — a surprise birthday gift from Bill. The pilot took us on a little joy ride by heading the balloon down to skim the bottom of the basket on the river. And in my memory box is the pine cone I plucked off a tree limb as we descended to a landing in the middle of the street — running out of wind means landing is mandatory. When this happens, a ground crew frantically runs around knocking on doors for permission to land the balloon in backyards if necessary. Can you just image answering such a knock? It was a memorable adventure!

In my push for simplicity, my home’s been honed down to essentials. And lots of things match other things. Now, zing, my kite doesn’t match anything. It stands out like a sore thumb, which is a good thing. In my opinion, every home needs a spark of inspiration to move you through your days. Whatever makes you smile everyday is a lifeline that helps keep your mood from going south.

Slowing down and simplifying has been my mantra for the past 15 years, and I write about it often. It took a long time for the message to sink in, but now that I’m in first gear I sometimes miss the buzz of activity. Boredom settles in. The trick is finding a balance between being a hamster running his wheel and a sloth inching up his tree. When is slow too slow?

Weeded out this week: More like backing off a bit. My passion for simplicity was getting in the way of moving forward. Re-examine goals frequently!