Daughter, Christy, proving laughter is vital!

I don’t regret it! I have no regrets about making people think about the important stuff. A new book is percolating inside my head, and in an effort to do some research, I asked folks to think about things they don’t usually take the time to do. Some seemed delighted and talked at length. Others were brief and answered in one sentence. Most all responses were thoughtful, heartfelt, and honest. And I love that. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, the majority just didn’t respond at all. I get it. Contemplation isn’t something that comes automatically in a busy life, nor is it for everybody. You have to MAKE the time, and in my world it’s worth it.

♣ What makes you laugh?
♣ What brings you joy?
♣ What do you treasure most?
♣ What brings you out of a funk?
♣ Are you living the life you want?

These seemed like simple questions when I put my questionnaire together. Everybody laughs, experiences joy, and treasures something or someone in their life. And everyone, everyone, goes through funk. I gathered email addresses and carefully composed a message that I thought would induce responses. Then I waited for the flood of replies. Flood…no. Trickle…yes.

As time went on I pondered why everyone wasn’t jumping at the chance to talk about the feel-good stuff in their lives. Carol was living in LaLa Land.

Eventually, the truth came out. These “off-hand” questions required much more thought than I had originally intended. My goal was to spark people, not put them off. “These questions take a lot of thought, mom. Most people don’t have that kind of time. Then they put it aside for later and forget about it!” My daughter, Christy, is good at setting her mother straight and I love it. I depend on it.

It was likely the last question that stopped folks in their tracks. Once someone seriously asks you if you’re living the live you want, you have to face that you might not be. “Wait, AM I living the life I want?”

All in all, as trickling turned to dribbling and still counting, I’ve received lots of fodder to begin writing a book that I hope will inspire readers toward a more enjoyable and satisfying life.

In my experience, whatever it is we’re all going through usually boils down to “Life is hard”. Making it easier has been my mission for a long time, for myself and for those I can touch through my books and my blog. In fact, what started out as an idea to write solely about humor has since morphed into something broader, like developing a more positive point of view in general.

Maybe I didn’t get an overwhelming response, and maybe people had to think extra hard, but I don’t regret making them think about the things that bring more joy into their lives. Who wouldn’t want that!