We started a saying around our house many years ago, “Look me up in the Yellow Pages… under Fool.” The first time my husband said this, we laughed our silly heads off. And over our many years of marriage, we discovered that this simple phrase was a great solution to nipping conflict in the bud. Of course, the internet has since replaced the Yellow Pages as a resource so “Just look me up on Google.. under Fool” works good. Or maybe just “Google Fool!” for short.
Admitting we’re wrong is essential in any close relationship, but if the actual words “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry” get stuck in your throat, using humor to confess to stupid decisions is a good beginning and good practice to getting them unstuck. You wouldn’t think it’d be so hard to admit mistakes since that’s what is means to be human, isn’t it? How can you learn otherwise?
On this 1st day of April, I admit to being miffed. No one I’ve met in a very long time even blinks as April Fool’s Day passes, and I miss that celebration of laughter. It worries me that I can go days seeing only serious, intense faces. In cars, in stores, just walking down the street. It’s not that I’m grinning and giggly all the time, but I do notice how serious everyone is. Life is full of stress, and humor takes the edge off.
I miss it. I need it.