All I know is there are good smells, and there are bad smells. Some make me happy, some not so much. I’ve never paid more attention than that… until recently. Actually, I should have known how important my nose was. Look at the number of words we use to describe smells: odor, aroma, fragrance and scent. Then there’s bouquet, essence, stink and stench.
My latest purchase has me rethinking the value of scents in my life. I’m a sucker for the smooth creamy feel of lotion on my skin so I must have tried hundreds over the years. But this one was different. As I smeared it on my face, the faint aroma of roses caught my nose by surprise. The exquisite part was how subtle the scent was and I couldn’t help smiling. This momentary relief at the end of my day means it’s now reserved especially for bedtime. I’m addicted… to Wild Rose by Korres in case you’re interested. Another aroma that gets me every time is Italian restaurants. Ahhh, the garlicky essence of pasta sauce. When they come up with Marinara Moisturizer I’ll be first in line!
Lotions and potions and delicious scents used to be considered girlie stuff, but times have changed. Man-skin gets dry, too, and men and women alike have their favorite smells. The trouble is most of these products have an over-the-top fragrance that overwhelms your nose, so the trick is “a little dab’ll do ya.”
Beyond the common smells that surround us every day, serious relief comes from the inhalation of specific scents used by aromatherapists, who use oils that are more than just good smells; these scents actually help you relax by attaching to your nerve receptors to induce a chemical response. For example, lavender oil stimulates a calming effect.
Try to remember your reaction when you smell YOUR favorite. Maybe the past creeps in, like with chocolate cake. Maybe the reason it makes your mouth water is remembering — even unconsciously —  this treat from your childhood and the thought of repeating it. Or maybe it’s just the divine aroma of chocolate.
Capping off the day — no matter what kind it’s been — with a scent that makes you smile preps you to sleep better. Anything that helps you calm before bed is a good thing.