IMG_2226 - Version 3Crap according to Roget: junk, trash, garbage, schlock, nonsense, bull, horsefeathers. Fifty years ago, of course, the word “crap” was reserved for what dogs had left behind. But my new blog will not be about that! Although…. I suppose some might occasionally think it stinks.

Lately, I’ve started to re-evaluate my life and have spent some time whittling it down to the things that really matter most to me. It’s taken much more resolve and patience than I expected, but it’ll be worth it. I just know that I could be getting more out of my life.

In this spirit of change, I did something very practical — culling out my closet. After trying on 10 things, only five went back. Three no longer fit and two were just plain ugly. The exercise turned out to be surprising — my tastes are different than they used to be. This seemingly small shift in taste triggered a very large desire to make a lot more changes. Including old habits, activities, attitudes, relationships, and a truck load of possessions. New colors in my house and on my body (purple’s out, orange is in), new website, new blog, and less clutter overall.

One thing won’t ever change, though, I love taking my time. When rushed this brain just doesn’t think straight and I end up cutting myself, forgetting something important, or being snippy to anyone within range. And there’s a major change I want to make. The truth is my heart has never felt politically correct. Sometimes I yearn to cuss in public and to stop holding my tongue whenever something spontaneous comes to mind. But for now I’ll be satisfied with the word “crap”.