Humor is mandatory… for satisfying relationships, for peace of mind, to survive the hardships and losses throughout our lives. For the sake of our sanity, humor is worth some “serious” contemplation. Even though I’m tech-challenged, I’m grateful for all the Facebookers and e-mailers who post links that make me laugh out loud. Starting the day off with humor jumpstarts my funny bone and influences how I see the day in front of me. I swear.
      Laughter is the ideal stress manager. It’s free, convenient and beneficial to your health. Just think about it. Physically, it works the body and boosts the immune system. Cardiovascular systems dilate, reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Natural painkillers – endorphins – increase with a good belly laugh while diaphragm, abs and all nearby innards get massaged. Emotionally, humor is a distraction that can switch your focus from the negative like anger or fear to a more lighthearted, positive perspective. And socially, laughter connects us with others; it’s contagious after all.
     My mother, who’d laugh at being pictured here in my Blog, makes my case. She was laughing ‘til her end, at 98. Try choosing from the Comedy section when you rent your next movie from Netflix. Or browse around YouTube. You owe it to your body because bottom line: humor helps you deal, period.
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