Loss is something we all have in common. We’ve been adjusting to it all our lives, ever since we had to give up that warm cozy place inside Mom. Most major changes in life carry with them a loss… of the way it used to be… of the person we used to have in our lives. I’ve been wondering lately whether it would help all of us accept our losses better if we used the word “change” instead. Just saying the words to myself right now felt different in my brain. If you know someone (maybe yourself) who is down these days, they might have been through some kind of “change” lately — life altering, heart wrenching, or a temporary blip. Think about brightening their life… with a bouquet of spring flowers or, my favorite, a greeting card that will FORCE them to laugh. This might seem frivolous in light of a devastating loss that you can’t imagine ever surmounting, but a little relief might help, and is probably the farthest thing from their minds right now.