I wrote a book about grief because there were so many visitors to my website looking for comfort from a significant loss, which is so much more than through the death of a loved one. Other losses in life are profound and often trigger some depression. Here are a few you might not have considered and might apply to you: loss of a job or home, a cherished relationship, good health, lifestyle, or even a lifelong dream. And here’s a big one, our youth. So many people suffer this sadness in silence, not wanting to bother anyone, but consider reaching out and letting someone know how you feel. Just being able to share a little of your sadness will be a huge relief for you. The good news is that I’ve found a publisher for mynew book. Getting a book published is like a very long pregnancy, but I’m trying to see it as a good opportunity to practice the ultimate patience that I aspire to, and so often talk about here. More about that later.