Starting my new year off right means clearing the decks, I mean cleaning my desk. Wiping the slate clean so I can start fresh, if only in my mind, is rather like the Monday morning diets people promise themselves. Only this is one time, not 52. Clearing the clutter off my desk not only clears clutter from my mind, but uncovers all those intentions and tasks that have become buried over time. My habit of keeping pieces of paper for fear that I might miss out on some divine opportunity means the pile is deep. This same idea applies to email, because finding an “important” email in a list of 100 just makes me mad. Tomorrow I wipe my slate clean again — delete, delete, delete, trash, trash trash — and get ready for all the good things that are surely going to happen… soon. Beginning the year with hope means at least one day without stress.
My New Year’s wish is that you’ll take the time to re-evaluate a few things in your own life and open your mind to change. Staying stuck in ways that might not be working anymore doesn’t leave room for improvement. Life will surely remain “same ole same ole.”  And since new habits  take time to assimilate, picking little things to start is proof that you’re moving life in the right direction… and that you are at least capable of change. Ruts creep up so slowly that you don’t even know you’re in one. Please write and tell me what kinds of changes you have in mind, remembering that small can be big. And that the important part is to start.