Do you have “special” dishes in the cupboard that come out only when company comes? Do you nag your children to clean their room so your visitors won’t think evil thoughts? Is the living room furniture, and pillows, arranged just so in case someone rings the bell? Most homes I’ve ever been in reflect this urge. But who’s the most important here? Visitors…. or your own family? Realizing that most of my guests actually preferred that lived-in feeling woke me up years ago, and I’ve been striving to unmatch stuff ever since. Think of all the money I’ve saved by filling my home with an eclectic mix of things my family and I like instead of what’s expected in that perfect, decorator world of TV and big business. I’m always scratching my head when I hear women apologizing for “the mess” when I come over, because what they refer to as mess is what makes me feel welcomed and right at home. Besides, aren’t those matching pillows always in the way?