This weekend holiday comes on the heals of my book release last week, so I feel the need to touch on the subject of loss once again. 
All over the U.S. this coming Monday, we will remember. Not only about the soldiers we’ve lost, but about other deaths we’ve had to live through over the years: moms and dads, kids and grandparents, mates and friends… beloved pets. Adjustment to major loss is hard, and this I know for sure; there is no one way to react, no one way to behave. It’s a very personal journey that well meaning friends and family cannot dictate nor judge. Only you know.  
The profound sadness mellows in time, but the memory of “then” can sometimes loom like it was yesterday. If Memorial Day brings anguish for you, but you also want to honor your loved ones, here’s an idea to try. Set a time limit ahead of time. “I will spend 30 minutes tomorrow remembering, wallowing, or weeping.” Five minutes if the pain is too great. The trick is to decide ahead of time, so it’ll be easier to switch emotional gears when the time comes. 
Good luck and… remember to remember.