DSC09081 2Don’t forget to connect this Sunday, if possible, with the woman who’s responsible for your being here. What the media does with Mother’s Day used to tick me off, but I’ve mellowed. Being constantly annoyed is not only annoying, it just put more stress into my life… and into my body. I finally came to see it as a great opportunity, a giant reminder that there was something more important than my own, busy little life. I no longer have a mom to contact, but I still have this wonderful photo of the day three generations of women (my mom, my daughter, me), had fun together. I can still remember her in my heart.
If you’re a mom, working or not, this Sunday is a perfect excuse to celebrate yourself.  Making another human being, shoving them out into the world, hovering over their well-bring for 18 years certainly merits a pat on the back. Do whatever you love to do for the day. Just don’t work!
If you’re a dad, make sure she takes a recess for the day and plays. Getting your consideration will mean the world because it lets her know she’s valued. This all gets very complicated what with divorces, step children, single parenting and such, but you know what I’m saying. Feeling valued is the ultimate!
Lots of people have lousy relationships, if any, with their moms. We each have our own Mother circumstance: we love each other dearly and share lives like best friends; we merely tolerate each other and exchange birthday cards when the calendar says to; we haven’t spoken in 10 years and like it that way; we live 3,000 miles apart; we hate her guts; the list goes on.
Whatever the circumstance, this much I know. Regrets weigh you down. Living with them permanently — things left unsaid and undone — just adds numbers to your blood pressure. So many people lose their parents before tattered relationships are repaired. They wish they’d said “I love you” one more time… or for the first time. None of us can go back and undo the mistakes we made in raising our children, but forgiving ourselves and our own mom — remember, we didn’t know any better then — is a huge relief. I know.