I know it’s only Oct., but Dec. seems to come, in my own mind, about two weeks after school starts in Sept. I can’t explain why this time of year whizzes by so fast. With this in mind — at least in my own — I wanted to add some comfort to your life by making gift giving easier this year. There’s a little book I know — MINE — that I’ve been told makes a great holiday gift. (I once knew someone who bought six, for all his adult family members.) Maybe a quote from the book jacket will help you decide, “With stories and insights that welcome and inspire, Carol Wiseman’s collection of everyday comforts will open your heart, soothe your mind, and help you discover a saner, more balanced and satisfying life.” If you crave some comfort and a chuckle, treat yourself or someone you care about with these ideas for getting more pleasure out of life. I guarantee, there is something in Patchwork to make everyone smile. Besides, it’s a small book that’s easy to mail or tuck it into a stocking! It’s the perfect gift for a busy someone, and you won’t have to wrench your brain this year for gift ideas.