I challenge you to change. I challenge you to improve your life in some way next year.  And since it takes time to assimilate a new habit, I challenge you to pick some little thing to work on every three months. Think of it as quarterly returns, but instead of financial rewards, growth will be measured by changes in behavior… and a lower stress level. Teeth brushing is a good place to start. It’s easiest because it’s something we do twice a day… 180 chances to practice. Instead of “getting it over with” take a full minute instead of 15 seconds. (My dentist said to think of each tooth individually as I make my way around. And thinking about the whirr of that dreaded drill helped keep me on track.) If you actually mark your calendar with the changes you hope for in ‘06, you can give yourself a mental gold star at the end of 3 months as proof that you’re moving your life in the right direction… and that you are at least capable of change. It would be fun if you wrote and told me what kinds of changes you have in mind. At the very least take my hints to heart.