Backyard filling with rain water as yearly lake forms in backyard. “The other offer on this house fell through when the buyers found out they needed flood insurance.” WHAT? This is what the agent said as he showed us this little neglected house….. that we were about to buy! The offhand comment came as the three of us were looking out onto the large empty field beyond the backyard. It had been a sheep farm, but was now empty and had a scant wire fence separating theirs from what would be ours.
What flashed through our minds as he explained about flood plains and such was very different. Mine: “Will I have to keep a bag packed for a fast exit every winter?” His: “Oh boy, no one can ever build in back of us.” Little did I know that bad good news would end up being it’s #1 selling point — to the Mister. Little did I know that fond memories of his childhood came flooding back when he looked at this property. His family lived near a swamp where he spent most of his days, exploring and rafting with his best buddy Byron. Very Tom Sawyer-ish. Now I get it.
Fast forward through buying, moving and settling in. The first winter storm had us living “lakeside.” Me: biting my fingernails. Him: Whooppee!!!! Clearly, my partner in life saw his glass half full, and celebrated by hanging a red wind sock in the apple tree.
Mallard ducks enjoying yearly flood waters in field behind house.His confident joy plus reassurance from neighbors have changed my perspective. The 100-year flood will probably not arrive while I am still able to care, and this little flock of Mallards settling into our very own lake is a fine welcome to the neighborhood. Five boys, four girls.  This lemon-y situation made very good lemonade, and the stress reduction is monumental.
Disclaimer: I am clearly better at writing than taking pictures. sorry