Today begins a very special new year. Ahead is a unique opportunity to re-adjust the vision of my life to 20/20 — in 2020. Much contemplation will be in order as I put together my list of New Year’s Resolutions! I’m energized and inspired every January 1 because the start of another year is yet another chance for me to “get it right”. Having another go at it is a carrot that keeps me moving forward. Even though I’m constantly making tweaks to improve my life, a calendar rollover and a physical list makes it more official in my own head.

It’s pretty old fashioned to think his way, but I still love the idea of good intentions — New Year’s Resolutions. At the very least, it’s a good reason to re-evaluate how my life is going and to switch priorities if necessary. After 30 minutes of slightly less than deep thought, here is my short list for 2020.


Arnold, beware!

§ Keep up my fitness routine. So far, Yoga + weights has made sure I can still Waltz, Foxtrot  and Swing my way across the floor, and this is a must. (I will use this fun photo of myself to keep on track and stop using those famous last words so much, “I don’t feel like it today!”)

§ Stop buying “stuff”.

§ Walk more. Looping the neighborhood endlessly is too short and getting very very boring.

§ Stop donating $$$ to Comcast.

§ Empty my inbox! I found a torn scrap of paper with the name Madie and an email address on it. I have no memory of this name or what it might pertain to. Should I add the name to my address book, toss it, or ignore it for another year? No idea. And just in case you’re reading this, sorry Madie.

A champagne toast to my good intentions for 2020!!! I used to think it was weird and boring that “health” topped the list of things older people valued most. Of all the things that are important in life — family, money in the bank, sense of humor, a loving relationship — they picked their health? Well, here I am, and IT’S NOT WEIRD AT ALL. ha!