Yesterday I saw the movie Another Year. It struck me afterwards how much I take my life, and the people in it, for granted. Here is an entire movie about, by American standards, nothing. A low-key British film filled with low talk, silences, and lots of eye acting. A contented couple are the emotional anchor for a group of friends and family leading miserable lives. No car chases, violence or foul mouths and, best of all, no “beautiful Hollywood people”. It all seemed so real I’m wondering now how many people I know who might be coping and hiding it. Maybe I’ve been too busy to notice. Or maybe I just haven’t asked and waited long enough for the answer. Oddly, I feel calmer and more determined than ever to simplify my life. It’s the only way to start paying more attention…. to everything you do and to the people you care about most. This translates to doing everything better, more satisfying relationships, and more contentment about your niche in life. Who wouldn’t want that?