B7073 EmergingfromtheHeartacheCover 4My newest book has been out for almost three months now and the reactions I get have been heartwarming. Thank you all for your kind words. My favorite, “I wish I’d had it when….”
Writing Emerging from the Heartache of Loss was such a satisfying project. A labor of love that was fueled by the many heartfelt stories of loss that people shared with me. That the publisher would turn it into such an artful format so perfect for gifting was a surprise. Thank you, Blue Mountain Arts. And thanks to my editor, Becky McKay, for massaging the arrangement of my words ever so gently.
I’m a late bloomer. I decided midlife to become a therapist, but it was evident two years into my studies that this road was not for me. However, a part of me woke up — the love of writing — and I changed my course in that direction. Creating and writing newsletters for social service organizations meant I could help many instead of one at a time as a therapist. Producing books and a blog seemed natural extensions of this dream.
Logically speaking, you’d think we’d finally get used to all the losses we have to experience throughout our lives. Some barely blip on the radar, but others are so devastating that they change lives forever. These take their toll; the stress eventually affects our health in some way.
Most major changes carry with them a loss… of the way it used to be… of the person we used to have in our lives. Eventually, we all have to adjust when loved ones die, dreams disappear, health turns sour, or relationships change. We lose pets, jobs, our nest eggs, our youth, and sometimes even our sanity. It’s disturbing to me that we’re all so debilitated by something that’s unavoidable.. and common. But it’s gratifying to know that heartache melts and mellows in time, and that I can help in some way to make this easier.
What are the strategies you’ve used to cope with the losses in your life?