Even though my children are grown and have active lives of their own, I care just as deeply for them as when they were five. And that protective instinct still kicks in. Here I’m saving my daughter — in my mind — from tumbling into the creek when she insists on the best shot possible.)
I also have a daughter-in-law now who is an very important part of my family, and my heart. She’s a mommy, too, so the coming Mother’s Day touches us all in some way. Although I hate how big business uses the day, I do love that there’s this celebration of motherhood, and smile when I remember back to the delicious breakfasts concocted by my young children on that special Sunday morning.
All it takes to make someone feel good is one small action or one small sentence, really. A phone call or even text message is a simple gesture that could mean the world. And if you’re a mother like me, May 10 is a perfect excuse to pat ourselves on our collective backs for bringing up such marvelous children. Let’s do whatever we love to do for the day.