My name is Carol and I am an addict. Isn’t that’s what it’s called when you’re struggling to pass Level 37 and you say to yourself, “I’m sure I can do better next time.”? Then you repeat the phrase after every attempt until an hour rolls by, then 90 minutes, then… The pull of besting myself on my current computer game, Woody, has been strong enough for the last 3 months to yield a major stiff neck. Apparently my muscle groups don’t like this head-bent-down position and will be grateful when the pandemic subsides.

Rose during pandemic brings a smile

Can’t you just smell it?

I’d like to say that by now all my drawers are weeded out, photos organized, inbox empty, and closets clear of clutter! I’d like to say that by the time COVID-19 is tamed, my proverbial ducks will all be in a tidy little row. A lot of cleaning and organizing went on at first, but this gaming phase has its lure. The subtle signs of amini-addiction (some might say habit) made me nervous so, as my own boss, I’ve taken charge. A timer is now set. Stay tuned.

The image here has nothing to do with my words, but the sight and scent of my neighbor’s rose garden always makes me smile.

Oh, how I miss my social dancing!