Patchwork of Comforts

A Patchwork of Comforts:

Small Pleasures for Peace of Mind

patchwork-of-comfortsGrab a cup of… whatever and put your feet up because A Patchwork of Comforts can take the sting out of even the worst day. This lighthearted, insightful look at all the ways people find more calm in their lives will ease your day and give you new ideas on reducing stress so you can live your best life.

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A Glimpse Inside

Friendship: Best friends feel safe because we know they’ll still like us when they find out “how we really are.”

Learning: Life is constant revelation. Two year-olds discover that screaming gets them anything they want. Mom will do anything to stop the noise. When we’re 12, we notice that boys aren’t as bad as we thought. And at 22…

Golf: The challenge of keeping track of my ball reminds me of those Easter egg hunts when I was five.

Bath: A hot soak slows body and brain to a crawl, winding a day of hassles down to zero. Warm water surrounds every muscle, as if Mother Nature…

Nurture yourself… a love… a friend… or family
with a gift of healing, wisdom, and words of comfort.

Good Words

“I like the refreshing mix of familiar comforts, new ideas and entertaining tidbits of information all shared in a conversational manner, which encourages periodic revisiting to savor one page at a time.”
Carolyn K, Grants Pass

“It’s not often an author would use words like “ordinary” or “everyday” to describe the subject of her work, but Wiseman embraces them. Her idea was to find simple solutions to life’s little stressors… With its short chapter format, the book is easy to read, and would make a nice gift for friends who need to remind themselves to stop, take a deep breath, and relax.”
Karen R, Journalist, Whidbey Island

“This book is an amazing exercise in both comfort and pleasure. Divided into quickly read chapters, each one gives us something to think about a a new way of looking at the mundane comforts in our lives, raising them to the extraordinary status of absolute miracles.”
Katrina R, The Diva Digest