I’ve been having little kitchen accidents lately. My dentist scolded that I wasn’t flossing good enough then showed me pictures of what could happen to my gums. Yeow! These two events may seem unrelated, but I put them together recently after reading a couple of books on “paying more attention to what you’re doing” or, as authors Tolle and Hanh put it, living in the now. Being mindful is a simple concept, but a habit that’s so hard to develop. Like most busy people, I do everything in my life just to get it done so I can move on to my next obligation, but changing this habit starts a chain reaction; focusing more fully on the task at hand, forces you to slow down because now you notice more details of your activity. Slowing down not only leads to a more thorough job, but produces a calmer mind that thinks more clearly. This reduces stress and better decisions. Once again, small changes produce huge results. A simple task like flossing slowly, with intention (avoiding eventual black gums with teeth falling out!), has made a huge difference in my mouth and to my dentist. Slowing down and paying more attention in the kitchen has meant fewer broken glasses and less blood on the cutting board. Just think of the possibilities!