Injury by pillow. One might think this impossible, and yet… Oh, I’ve seen dangerous pillows before — the ones that are being pressed into someone’s face — but this is not the danger I speak of. No, I’m talking about the potential danger of scrunching.


The Culprit!

As I do many times a night, I rolled over and bunched the pillow up under my head. It’s routine: roll over, ball it up and tuck it so my nose isn’t blocked, then try the air on THIS side of the room. I’ve been doing this my whole life. Turn, bunch, breathe. Early Sunday morning, in the last re-scrunch of the night, the side of my neck seized up and wouldn’t turn even 1° to the left. Things have eased with ice, massage and meds, but now I wonder if I can again trust that last bastion of safety and comfort, my bed. How on earth can a person get hurt in their own bed!!

During these dramatic times — pandemic precautions, vaccine envy, economic hardship, evictions, winter storms, power outages and political upheaval — I claim there is a darker, more ominous danger lurking right under your nose. BEWARE YOUR PILLOW!

I am fortunate and very grateful to have heat, money for my bills, and good health. But I ponder the many losses and hardships people are facing, and their struggles break my heart. To keep from sinking into a dark hole, it helps to take a mental break and ponder the trivia in my life. Today it’s pillow talk. I figure we all need a break from the drama of it all!

Weeded out this week: the misconception that my body is as young as my mindset. It’s a startling to realize even though my mind hasn’t aged much, my body neck — has.