Lately I noticed how much clearer I can think when it is quiet, so these days I start my mornings with NO electronic noise, hoping to get a better handle on my day. I hold myself back from turning on the radio, TV, or even soft music as I fix and eat breakfast. I noticed that when I focus only on the task at hand, pretending that cutting a grapefruit is really really important, I automatically slow down. At first it drove me nuts. I don’t have time to change habits, I have to get going. But the irony is, because of a clearer head, I end up getting more done. STARTING OFF the day this way is great, but not possible for everyone so do whatever is possible for you. Being in the throes of parenting makes it harder, but this is probably when it is needed it most. Carving out a niche of quiet time during the day, gives your thoughts a chance to unjumble. Even 10 min. count.