DSC09954My spring has sprung today. The first day of spring always catapults me into action as I get ready to discard four months of winter doldrums. Flowers spring forth, so must I.
In addition to the annual clearing out and cleaning up around here, the action I have my eye on right now is changing one measly habit. This sounds trivial, but I’ve been trying to re-habit myself for three days now and it’s barely taken hold. As per my husband’s irritation request, I’m trying to stop using the kitchen counter like a plate. For years now I flop the slices of bread onto the counter before putting them into the toaster or making sandwiches. Apparently, he’s been gritting his teeth for as long. The bacteria that had taken root on the counter never dawned on me because, after all, I wipe it off every day, don’t I? But wiping, as he pointed out so vividly, does not involve soap. I am grateful that he finally spoke up, but habit changing is more difficult than I ever imagined. Happily, internet research points out that 30 days is a more reasonable time frame for change.
I love this online advice: Consider half-habits by starting small. Saying it is not enough. Write it down, think about the reasons you want to change, why your efforts haven’t worked before, and the benefits you’ll enjoy with a new way.
Bread placement is, of course, a minor matter, but it’s a good place to start practicing for the bigger stuff. And humor is helping. Every time I open the loaf I announce, “Guess I’ll put this bread on the counter now.” Laughter helps with everything, and this one little issue is revealing several other “unsanitary” kitchen habits.
The reward of better health is the incentive that works for me every time, plus the promise of less stress for my beloved. Ha. Next habit to tackle? Less boob-tube time. May you spring forth with an action of your own!!!