If you’ve been with me since the beginning–Comfort Clues began in Mar ‘05–your lives must be all straightened out by now. haha. You have been taking them seriously, haven’t you? Amazingly, Clue #100 is approaching along with the end of my 4th year. Before starting fresh in ‘09 next week, consider taking the time to visit the Clue archive page on my website. Rereading clues from the beginning will refresh your motivation to improve your life. The simple suggestions I’ve offered over the last 4 years is an eclectic mix: from butt building to bird watching, from grief relief to stashing cash. I’ve asked you to volunteer, de-clutter, get a better pillow, and to soak in the silence more often. Though there are lots of tidbits to contemplate, through it all, my core message remains–slowing down and simplifying is key to less stress and more pleasure in
your life.