Surely everyone has 5 minutes to spare! And if you use them first thing in the morning, you can nudge yourself into a more positive mindset for the day. This way of starting out gets you away from dwelling all the time on what’s wrong.

Before you start the busyness of your day, take 5 to think about the positives in your life. Even if there’s only one thing, it’s a start. And if you’re sure there’s nothing good about it right now, start by listing the tiniest of things: entering the right password, my teenage son spoke to me yesterday, the dog didn’t pee on the carpet yesterday. With practice more will come. If you need a reminder, stick a bright post-it note somewhere prominent. Bathroom mirror is excellent!

Soon you won’t automatically start every day thinking about what’s wrong or why your life sucks. After the habit takes hold, you’ll realize there are more things to be grateful for than you thought and you’ll be in a positive frame of mind more often. These 5 minutes, even in the worst of times, can keep you sane!

Weeded out: the negative point of view I often jump to right off the bat. Seeing the negative side of things first off is a bad habit that I’m trying desperately to break.