First thing every morning, list in your head or on paper the positive side of your life. You know, what you’re thankful for. Even if there’s only one, it’s a start. As a reminder, write “my 5 minutes” on a bright little post-it and stick it somewhere prominent. If you’re absolutely sure there’s nothing good about it right now, start by listing the tiniest of things. That cup of coffee tasted great. Whew, the baby’s still asleep. My teenage son spoke to me yesterday. Starting with the little stuff will jog your memory and more will eventually come to you. Pretty soon you won’t automatically start every day thinking about why your life sucks. Steering your mind to a different track first thing every day gets you away from dwelling on what’s wrong all the time. Eventually you’ll see there are more things to be grateful for than you imagined. These 5 minutes, even in the worst of times, can keep you sane!

Weeded out: The negative viewpoint I often jump to right off the bat. I’m planting the seeds for the more positive frame of mind lately because seeing the negative side of everything first off has been keeping my mood down where I don’t want it to be.