Here’s a practical idea that will make your daily life easier. I’ve been a veteran list maker for years, discovering the value of notes to myself long ago. So many times I’m in one room when I have a thought I need to remember, and by the time I get to the room with note pads or the dry erase board…. gone from my head. Placing a pad and pencil in these three key “idea” locations has helped capture these fleeting, but important, thoughts: the bathroom, by the phone, and on a side table where I have my morning coffee. Your locations will probably be different. Years ago I began saving printer paper with only one side used. When the stack gets to be about ream size, my local copy store glues and cuts it into pads. A 3″ stack of letter size paper cuts nicely into fours, and makes 18 pads that are 1/2″ high. Just the right size. The cost for me is about 80 cents each, AND I feel great recycling in my own home. In a busy life, lists rule