IMG_2382 - Version 2I’m going to be better at everything now. You can just tell from looking at these happy feet, wearing their very first pair of RED SHOES… ever. Happy feet have always made for a happier me, as if their joy radiates upward, tickling passions along the way.

You might think these are just shoes… just feet. Wrong. These feet are my barometer, significantly influencing my mood. For sure they have more power than is logical, but what’s a woman to do when the first thing she wants to do whenever she comes home is to release them from their bondage. I shudder to think about all those women whose tortured feet are squeezed into all those fashionable lady shoes. My legs and back and brain collectively wince at the thought.

If you’ve had as much trouble as me finding shoes that fit, you’d be giddy too. There’s the weird toe that’s beginning to head in a new direction, one foot that’s bigger than the other, and one stubborn heal that slips and slides in average shoes. I came to dread spending the necessary hour at the store, littering an embarrassingly large section of floor space with a goodly portion of their inventory. I avoid it like the plague and as a result have sandals on right now that I bought 30 years ago. ha.

Fast forward to the day recently when I got back on that horse, when my feet finally looked as though they were homeless. These sassy red shoes were in the window, and I didn’t bother to ask how much they cost before I sat down. These knit shoes feel more like baby booties than real shoes. More like slippers, really. But as a ballroom dancer my ultimate dream has always been red dance shoes, which will surely elevate my dancing skills to the likes of Ginger Rogers.

Whenever I look down now, I can’t help smiling because these feet are just so darned happy in their new perky red slippers shoes. Maybe The Wizard of Oz had more of an impact on me than I thought. Dorothy clicked those ruby slippers, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” And “whosh” she was with her Auntie Em – back in her safe place.

I see a new red dress in my near future…