Laughing mom and dad wearing crazy hats for Halloween at the beach.

Me as Medusa. What a concept. Those few minutes of frivolous re-awakened my silly side, and I’m hoping to infect others with the same impulse… to lighten up. It seems like a life full of responsibilities eventually takes its toll, and we unknowingly turn it into some kind of a business instead of something to be savored. Sometimes I wonder if we just forget how to have fun along the way.

I’m lucky to have a super creative daughter whose fertile mind takes me places I never would have found on my own. Places like the beach with snakes on my head, standing next to my man with a shark eating his brain. I’m grateful to have my own personal reminder that life should be enjoyed, not endured. Laugh lines are a good thing.
Costumed photographer with blue hair on beach preparing for perfect sunset shot.The idea on Christy’s birthday was to spend the day doing what she loved most — photography and dressing up. That we would be a part of her photo shoot was a last minute thought that’s provided lots of folks with lots of laughs. Her birthday is close to July 4th, which is always a good excuse to fuel our celebrations with lots of rocket power and sparkle.
Accumulated obligations throughout the years — the bills, the house, the parenting… facebook — means we can end up smiling less, scowling more. And I don’t want to end up a grumpy old lady, shaking my heads at those “youngsters” and their irresponsible ways. Ha. Keeping your playful side alive is a good antidote when you feel anxiety building. Silly cancels out stress, so get a giggle going.