Doing its best to survive!

Just picture its simplicity. A little carrot doing its own thing and nary a mole in sight! I keep this simple little image from my garden in front of me as a reminder to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and c-a-l-m d-o-w-n. No matter how bad the latest news is, even the tiniest bit of nature has the power to work magic.

In the interest of keeping myself informed, I dutifully keep up with what’s happening… in the world, in the U.S, and in my own town. Tragedies persist. Hurricanes, mass shootings, accidents, and the ridiculousness of my own government’s actions inactions. The list is endless. I need relief.

In the wake of daily bad news, I’ve been trying lately to glom onto as much good news as I can. And the story of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and her commitment to climate change is truly inspiring. Her arrival in the U.S. last week lifts my spirits and gives me something positive to think about! I know there’s good news to be had, but mostly I feel overwhelmed by the opposite.

This little piece of “garden art” sits in the upper left corner of my computer desktop and is whimsical relief from the world around me, even if it’s just momentary. You might have expected some profound wisdom this week, but here’s a carrot, nothing more.