This year I’m celebrating my birthday. I tell friends all the time to “Celebrate Yourself” when their time comes, but mostly I just let it slide by with a special meal out and a good movie if possible. This year is different. More and more my days seem to be copies of each other, so infusing my life with some new energy seems more important than ever. Soooo…..
Adios for three whole days. I vow to think of nothing but having fun. No phone calls, emails, responsibilities, or text messages. It’s been my observation over the years that it doesn’t really matter when and where and for how long people go, just so long as they DO go. Even if it’s just in their own minds. We all need that break from responsibility and the sameness of everyday existence once in a while. Even one hour counts as a break in a hectic, stress filled life bursting with obligations and demands. A clearer head usually prevails when you return to “reality”, whether it’s an hour, a day, or a week. Heck, 15 minutes counts as a break if that’s all you can squeeze in.
I’ve listened for years to people who just got back from Italy or France or Africa. They’re ziplining in Costa Rica, rafting the Colorado River, and sightseeing in London. But I’m very much a homebody who cherishes the words “snuggling”, “slow”, and “sleep”. I’ve worked hard at eliminating stuff that causes anxiety because my health just isn’t worth it. I don’t handle tension well, and it feels good to feel good.
It might sound boring, but I am thrilled to be driving to a town only two hours away. Even though it’s close, there’s still wining, dining and relaxing without it costing a fortune. Then, the best of all, I will treat myself to a very special private dance lesson from a ballroom pro. You see, I love to dance and this is as good as Italy for me. Well… not really.