A visit from a couple of young children this weekend reminded me how important it is to keep up with what’s new in kidland. Without children in the house – from tots to teens – it’s easy to lose touch with current trends and passions. This is important. People of a certain age commonly grumble about, and put down, new things that interest a younger generation than themselves. Living in the past is easy to come by no matter what your stage of life. For instance, young parents look back fondly at the freedom they had before babies, but weep when those same children get old enough to drive off to college. All of us are continually moving from one stage to the next, but I’ve noticed a difference in the mental, physical and emotional health of people who are accepting and tolerant of the changes they see. Change happens. And whether the stage that’s passed for you is “Whew, it’s finally over!” or one you hate to see go, change is inevitable. Accepting it seems to bring a certain vibrancy to mind and body. Embracing instead of begrudging it is guaranteed to curb some of those pesky wrinkles.