Walking is common. You’ve been doing it since you were one, so what’s to know when you’re doing it for exercise? Well, walking to get your heart rate up is different than walking for pleasure. It’s hard not to get distracted by people and birds and flowers in bloom, but that’s a separate walk. Walking for your heart and calorie burn takes focus at first. I’ve been making much more progress since I started thinking about what I was doing instead the brainwork that came automatically, like planning the day ahead or mulling over yesterday. When my brain was engaged my eyes gravitated down to the street in front of my feet instead straight ahead. And when my head was pitched downward, my chest followed, giving me that slumpy look. The biggest surprise was a nuance that’s important; walking forward “into” your stride feels different than flopping your feet out first, which is usual strolling mode. Lastly, consider your shoes. Personally, I always buy running shoes because of the lighter weight and heel cushioning. Good luck on your next walk!