Two cuddling dogs taking selfies of themselves for Valentine's Day. My love asked me for a Valentine’s date TWO WEEKS AGO. The fact that someone who sees your face everyday still wants to celebrate your love is, shall we say, an auspicious occasion. And to think ahead? Well, need I say more? Yes, we’re comfortable with each other, but I still crave that feeling of being special to someone so dear to me.
The emphasis on romance this week is only part of the story. We dearly love our children, grandchildren, grandparents, parents, siblings and best friends, and even though the people you cherish might already know how you feel — and they might not — it feels really good to be reminded. Letting them know how much they mean to you gives them reassurance that you care. A few words on a card, a call, a visit, email, text or tweet all say I’m thinking about you. And it feels so good to hear this.
Getting warm fuzzies from someone special is great, but here’s a furry idea to add to the weekend: dropping by the local pound or Humane Society. Valentine’s Day is media-fashioned for lovers of the human persuasion but really, can any of THEM be as loyal, as enthusiastic, as dependable as Spot? True, dog kisses aren’t nearly as satisfying, but those fierce tail wags when we open the front door have the power to erase, or at least ease, a stress filled day. We reassure our loves, families, and friends on V-day, but every orphan in a kennel is yearning for a pet and a scratch. To be your pet, for sure, but a human hand for two minutes sure makes a day better.
This annual celebration of the most important thing in the world — love — means sweethearts everywhere yearn to receive tangible proof from their beloveds. But sometimes it feels just as good to give love as to get it. The more you give to them, the more they’ll give to you. At least in theory. So do yourself a favor….