I installed my very first window yesterday. Not your typical punch-the-wall-out kind, just six little wads of poster putty and voilá… let there be light. The transformation in my bathroom is startling. True, no actual light comes through, but the illusion is tricking my brain. Is it just diverting my attention, or actually fooling me into thinking I’m really looking outside? Doesn’t matter because it’s working and that’s what counts.

Oddly, I’ve never liked using my own bathroom. That little dark toilet niche always felt like the corner of some dark cave. Then one day an idea hit, and I found this poster online. Suddenly my bathroom seemed welcoming and started inviting me in to… sit a while.

     So many times I’ve been struck by what a huge difference a small change can make. Tiny tweaks in my own life have been transforming. In this case a $30 poster in just the right place. Adding bright colors to the cubby not only brightened up the whole bathroom, but a window scene has its own built-in frame. And that service can be expensive.
      Maybe there’s a simple fix for something that’s been bothering YOU for a long time, contributing little, persistent stressors to your body that you don’t even realize. It’s easy to resign yourself and put up with it because it’s too much trouble, too expensive to change, or “nothing you can do about it anyway.” Surprisingly, a little head scratching might come up with a simple, doable change that will ease the continual aggravation. Small irritations can build up to doctor visits, so it’s actually stress therapy. Hang a poster, rearrange some furniture, buy some flowers. One of my favorites is to organize a messy drawer by sectioning it off with a few open boxes so I don’t have to paw through a big jumble when I need something. I’ve even made a difference by moving the couch over 3”. Little things do mean a lot.